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Maui Spa Retreat
PO Box 39
Makawao, HI 96768
Welcome to Maui Spa Retreat, an exquisite sanctuary of pure botanical healing. Pure Aromatherapy, Massage and Body Care await you.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists and Certified Aromatherapist believe that a spa should be an extraordinary experience, where the 'Mana' (Hawaiian for Life Force), within the Botanical Treatment, is as vital as the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding nature.

The Maui Spa Retreat is nestled in a charming two-story cottage on a secluded mountainside location in the Olinda region on Maui. Panoramic views of the ocean, valley and winding coastlines lie below.

Our treatments are aromatic treasures filled with the finest ingredients from all over the world including Hawaii. Infused in the treatments are rare, exotic and certified organic essential oils and traditional attars which are beautifully fragrant and yet so much more than just a scent. They have been harvested and produced to preserve the "mana" or life-force of the plant. This unique characteristic of each botanical essence carries healing properties that support our vital organs while the scent balances our mind and emotions. The sense of smell is a gateway to and through our subconscious mind, linking us to our true essence. What a gift!

A lovingly tendered aromatic Botanical Garden of lavender, rosemary, gardenia, protea, lemon, Tahitian lime, avocado and hibiscus, terrace the hillside surrounded by 32,000 acres of pastoral ranch land on the sunny slope of Mt. Haleakala. The stillness of the pine and fragrant eucalyptus forest enhance well-being in every breath. When we are immersed to nature for reflection, exercise and therapy, the easier it is for our inner healing and balancing energies to revitalize us. Maui Spa Retreat offers us the possibility to deeply connect with our Spirit and replenish our Being.

As our exclusive spa guest, we invite you to a special place of beauty, privacy and refuge. Deeply relax and restore balance to body, mind and soul with professionally designed Botanical Treatments. Included are pure Aromatherapy-based scrubs, compresses, masques, wraps and massages. Interwoven with the botanical treatments are rejuvenating hydrotherapies. Hydrotherapy may include a Sauna or a 'Taking of the Waters' in a cool fifty-foot salt-water lap Pool and then soaking in a warm Hawaiian-flowered Jacuzzi.

Our professionally trained and experienced Licensed Massage Therapists and Certified Aromatherapist are personally committed to promoting physical, emotional and spiritual health in this exceptional environment. Although we do provide luxurious fluffy towels, cozy flannel sheets, robes, candles and deeply therapeutic massage, we are a health necessity rather than a luxury.

May your Maui Spa Retreat illuminate the quality of your precious life. May it ease your aches and pains, bring wisdom and clarity to your mind, delight and warm your soul and inspire your life's endeavors. May you rekindle joy and touch the peace that is always present.

Warm Fragrant Alohas,
Doreena Larisch — Principal Massage Therapist for Maui Spa Retreat

  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology